Career Questions and Answers-How Do I Accelerate My Career

Struggling to accelerate your career?

Growing your career should be one of your top priority this year and we will be focusing a lot on it. This community is dedicated not to only helping you land a job but also how to grow and build a promising career.

As we always say, successful careers are built not made. Therefore the first series of our expert question and answer this year is dedicated exactly to that- how to accelerate a career.

Let’s get started.

Question 1: I studied public administration in my N.D and now i want to take UTME in order to start all over again With a fresh course because my OND result is still under collation. What bothers me actually is the fact that I’m in my mid 20s and i really need a Bsc degree. Advise me please.


I would advise you take time to ask yourself why you need a BSc degree? Is it for a particular profession you want to become a master in? My advice would be to finish up your OND and wait to receive your result. Once you do, secure a job with it and start gaining work experience. If you still feel led to get a BSc degree- apply for a part time BSc degree at a good university close to your work place and start studying for your BSc. I would like you to know that age is not a barrier to achieving your goals in life. You are never too old or young to succeed and make impact. I wish you the very best in life.

Question 2: I am a young employee and I am seeking to grow my career very fast. What are the things I should be doing that can help me accelerate my career so I get promoted faster?


What job do you do in your work place? I would advise you search online for the highest position in your industry and work towards achieving it. For example, If you are an Administrative Assistant, the highest position in that line would be a Human Resource Manager. To proceed fast, here are a few tips that can help you get started

Focus on your work
Learn to ask question
Take certifications required in your industry
Connect with other HR Managers via Linkedln
Seek to find a career mentor and a coach,
Always be positive.
Keep learning.
Pray and ask God for favor,
If you apply this tips, you will definitely excel.



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