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Frequently Asked Questions

1.What’s Techjobs?

The largest IT Job portal in Bangladesh. We do not want our skilled young generation to spend valuable time looking everywhere for jobs they deserve. We are here to make the process efficient and simple!


We personally know the problems and complications in creating and implementing ideas. We have gone through the struggles always feeling the absence of expert guidance and motivation so that we could grow faster.

3.Is my profile anonymous?

Yes! We provide you a specific profile id for use by using your profile. Even if you apply for a job offer, the only information shared with the employer will be the profile information that you allow us to share.

4.I've registered. Now What?

When you get registered with Techjobs, then you can search and filter for specific job offers that might interest you. You will get all the updates as well as your specific job newsfeed in your mail. You can also refer your friends for jobs they might like and receive a reward if they get hired!

5.I'm not a digital worker, what can I do then?

It’s free to join in Techjobs portal, we are sure that you have got several tech friends, so we can easily refer them.

6.What kind of jobs will I be able to find on Techjobs?

Front-end and back-end developers, Android Ninja, Data scientists, UX designers, growth hackers, Digital marketers, Hardware developers, scrum masters. From junior to lead positions! We are focused on the tech and Digital Jobs driving the biggest, fastest-growing and most innovative companies in Bangladesh.

7.What if I'm not in the region mentioned in the job offer?

Sure! Now You are the referrer

8.What’s in it for me to refer a friend or get referred by someone I trust?

That’s not a problem! Just you have to pay attention to the job offer description where it says if they offer support with relocation.

9.After referring a friend, what are the next steps? What are my friend’s chances of getting hired?

Your friend get a notification (via e-mail or text) to apply for the job. We will let you know as soon as your friend applies.

10.What kind of reward will you give me?

Every job has a cash reward that you can earn by successfully referring a friend for a specific role. You can choose between getting the cash transferred to your account or in vouchers (Amazon, Fnac, etc). If you opt for a bank transfer, we will require an invoice from you, though. Sorry, accountants say so!

11. I'm an independent recruiter can I refer someone?

Yes. If you've done your homework then you should be able to make a great referral.

12.What if I want to apply for a job myself?

No problem! Go Fore and apply and select a friend to refer you!

13.What if I want to refer a job to more than one friend?

The more quality referrals the better!

14.Do I have to pay to post a job offer?

No, it’s free and easy to post a job.

15.If a friend refers me to a job that I don’t fit, but I know someone else who does. Can I refer that person?

Yes! Why not: you're now the referrer!